Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy and management approach are based on your objectives, which means we begin by listening to what you need, rather than telling you what we have to offer.  We develop and implement financial strategies that serve each client’s unique needs.  We don’t chase returns or attempt to outsmart the market over short periods of time.  All of our strategies are globally diversified and designed to capture the returns of the capital markets.  Dean Roland Russell Family Wealth Management San DiegoOnce invested, we continually monitor your portfolio and make changes as needed to respond to market movement, economic trends, and changes to your financial plan. The result is confidence that your asset allocation is thoughtfully constructed and maintained to serve your needs over time.

Investment Search

Initial and on-going assessments of all investment options follow a rigorous due-diligence process. Part of this analysis includes standard quantitative measures such as comparative performance, volatility, risk elements, portfolio concentration, costs, style consistency, and so on. In addition, certain qualitative measures, such as manager tenure, expertise, compensation, and governance/ culture are also considered.  The result is that you have access to a comprehensive array of high-quality investment expertise in every asset class.

Importantly, relationships with our clients are central to our approach. As “fee-only” advisors we never accept compensation from anyone other than our clients.  Our fees are based on account assets under management, so our interests are aligned with yours, and we seek to select the best strategies and managers for your customized portfolio.


We provide a disciplined and fully transparent process for systematically tracking and assessing all past investment decisions. To manage any process effectively, the ability to measure and evaluate performance is essential. We provide clear and concise reporting which allows each client to study portfolio composition and investment performance on an ongoing basis.  Our clients receive supplementary reports designed to address the specific needs of their tax advisors.

 Investment Management Services

  • Develop investment objective
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Global asset management
  • Asset location (tax efficiency)
  • Low volatility investment strategies
  • Tax-aware investing (capital gain monitoring)
  • Diversified fixed income strategies
  • Dividend investing
  • Individual bond laddering
  • Asset- specific analysis and planning
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Performance reporting