Inside A Presidential Candidates Investment Portfolio

Andrew Russell CFP was asked by Money Magazine to help with a story on Presidential candidates financial disclosures.   While Presidential candidates are required to disclose their personal finances, not everything they own has to be included.  Personal items, real estate, and spouses separate property may and is often omitted.  So, don’t expect to see a detailed balance sheet with an estimated net worth.  What we generally see is a list of assets disclosed with a wide value range that often renders the information useless.  For example, a lower end investment category can range from $1,001 – $15,000 while the higher end can be $1,000,001- $5,000,000.  Not so helpful.  The rules are set by Congress, which of course has an interest in maintaining vagueness.  So, while we are unable to review the overall strategy, asset allocation, and net worth of the candidate, we can critique the individual holdings as was done in the following article in Money Magazine.  Follow the link to the article  Jeb Bush’s Personal Investments Are as Messy as His Suspended Campaign