Planning is the first step to developing effective wealth management solutions. The planning process can help you prepare for and address life goals, such as making a significant purchase or paying for your child’s education. Comprehensive planning also identifies and assesses the potential impact of situations that can have an effect, positive or negative, on your cash flow – market events, unexpected life turns, even a shift in your priorities.

We’ll help you monitor and fine-tune your plan along the way so it evolves in concert with your needs. We want to guide you in directions that will help you achieve a secure financial future for you and your family.

Financial Planning Services:    Dean Roland Russell Family Wealth Management San Diego

  • Cash flow analysis and planning
  • Retirement forecasting
  • Estate plan review
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Insurance review (recommendations only; we do not sell insurance)
  • Education planning- Coverdell IRA’s, 529 Plans, etc.
  • Employer benefits review
  • Social security withdrawal strategies
  • Multi-generational wealth transfer techniques- Gifting
  • Legacy planning/ Charitable giving
  • Cash management- Creating your “retirement paycheck”
  • Pension payout strategy/analysis
  • Retirement Plans- 401k, 403b, SEP, IRA, Roth