08 Oct 12

Five Big Mistakes Mutual-Fund Investors Make – WSJ.com

As industry experts, our firm is often called upon by the media to weigh in on hot topics in personal finance.  Below is an article in the Wall Street Journal where Andrew Russell CFP has been quoted.    Five Big Mistakes Mutual-Fund Investors Make - WSJ.com#articleTabs%3Darticle.

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03 Aug 12

Marc Roland quoted in Dow Jones Newswire

Dow Jones NewswiresWealthy Grow Wary of Foreign Tax TrapsJul,31,2012 03:35 PM EDTBy Arden DaleAttacks on presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's Swiss bank account and overseas tax havens have revived scrutiny of an issue that has caused angst among many wealthy investors:…

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24 May 12

DRR in the News

Andrew Russell CFP®  was quoted in the North Country Times on Thursday May 24th 2012.ENERGY: SDG&E to profit $1.6 billion on Sunrise Powerlink : North County Times - Californian.

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12 Feb 12

San Diego Fee-Only Investment Advisors Merge

Joint Release: Dean Consulting and Confidant Wealth Advisory Agree to Combine in 2012.San Diego, CA (PRWEB) February 11, 2012Mary Katherine Dean of Dean Consulting along with Marc Roland and Andrew Russell of Confidant Wealth Advisory have agreed to merge and…

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03 Jan 12

Higher Taxes Are Coming

Your taxes are going up. The 3.8-percent surtax on investment income, when combined with the expirations of the Bush-era tax cuts will move the highest marginal federal tax rate from 35 percent to 43.4 percent. The 3.8-percent surtax starts in 2013, and it only…

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03 Jan 12

NAPFA Advisor Practice Profile

Mary Dean is proud to say that she became interested in “Fee-Only” investment advice long before the term turned into a household word. “It seemed like a win-win combination—a proconsumer livelihood of unbiased investment advice,” says Dean, owner of Dean Consulting & Associates in San Diego. That…

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