08 Feb 15

Kids and Your Money

Marc Roland, CPA, CFP, Managing Partner of Dean Russell Roland was recently quoted in the 2015 January/February AARP Bulletin.  Jane Bryant Quinn, personal finance expert and author of Making the Most of Your Money NOW, in her article, Kids and…

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03 Nov 14

Investing – The Case for Alternative Investments

Marc Roland, CPA, CFP of Dean Roland Russell was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal.  Brett Arends did a wonderful job explaining the role of alternative investments in portfolios.  We, as asset allocators, typically use alternative assets as diversifiers to…

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19 Aug 14

The Cost Of Raising A Child

Andrew Russell CFP, was asked to help with a story in Money (Magazine/ Online content), on the cost of having children.    The idea for the story was triggered by a study done by the USDA that projects a child born in 2013…

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23 Jul 14

Asset Allocation When Spouses Not On the Same Page

Marc Roland, CPA, CFP was recently asked to help with a story for Money's "Ask the Expert" by Donna Rosato regarding when spouses have different risk tolerances.   Because it is not unusual that spouses can have very different perspectives on…

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