Asset Allocation When Spouses Not On the Same Page

Marc Roland, CPA, CFP was recently asked to help with a story for Money’s “Ask the Expert” by Donna Rosato regarding when spouses have different risk tolerances.   Because it is not unusual that spouses can have very different perspectives on risk, it is important to evaluate and understand how you feel about investing.  We believe that the first thing to define is your goals so that you can match your investing and risk taking to meet your goals.  It usually comes down to education and compromise to blend risk tolerances together for the best outcome.

We believe that the best path is the one where you need to take the least amount of risk to meet your goals!  We spend a lot of time with our clients defining both goals and risk tolerances and take it very seriously.  These are the cornerstones for a good disciplined roadmap to meeting one’s goals.

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